Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Heyman: Yanks & Sox After Justin Upton!/SI_JonHeyman/status/4990158147420160

Originally I wasn't going to post anything about this story, mainly because all the reports stated that the asking price was way too high for the Yanks. But with two straight days of reports I had to post something.

Upton is one of the better young players in the game, but I'm not sure trading for him makes any sense. The asking price would almost certainly start with Jesus Montero and go up from there, probably to one or more of the Yankees top pitching prospects, a for a team that doesn't really need an outfielde cleaning out the farm for Upton isn't a wise move. And if for some reason they do end up in need of an outfielder there are two pretty good ones sitting on the free agent market.

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