Friday, November 26, 2010

Madden: Jeter Wants $25M A Year (Updated & Debunked)

Apparently Madden's report was not true:

(hat-tip to Rob a BBD)

From Bill Madden:

Throughout this process, Close and Jeter have never revealed what they're actually looking for - which is why so many Yankee fans, opposing club officials and nationwide media types are asking: Why are the Yankees treating Jeter this way? But sources close to the Jeter/Close camp have said their starting point was six years, $150 million and that they aren't budging on $25 million per year - which would effectively get the captain about even in annual average salary to Alex Rodriguez, the real benchmark from their standpoint in this negotiation.

I suspect this is why Yankee GM Brian Cashman lashed out the way he did the other day after Close told the Daily News' Mike Lupica he was "baffled" by the Yankees' hard-line stance with Jeter.
That is absolutely ridiculous. What else is there to say?

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