Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Links

- Here's a very nice photo gallery from over at showing the stadium setup for today's Notre Dame vs. Army game.... If you'd like to go to the game you can still get tickets here.

- Here is an updated version of the time-lapse video I posted yesterday. This one actually shows the football configuration completed at the end.

- The Yankees added Dellin Betances, Brandon Laird, and Ryan Pope to the 40-man roster.

- They also traded for Braves minor league outfielder Cody Johnson.

- Back in 2007, Derek Jeter apparently told his trainer (Jason Riley) that he wants to play until 2017. Here are a couple quotes from the trainer:
"I don't think anything can hold Derek back other than himself. If he decides to hang it up before [he turns 43], then that will be his decision. If Derek decides at 41 he's already given his best years, then that's where it will end. But if he decides to go until he's 43, he'll do everything in his power to play the game at a high level and help the team through that time. I think there's so much determination inside of Derek that he can do it."


"You can't put an age on the heart of an athlete, and Derek's got one of the purest hearts in sports," Riley said. "He's not going to allow himself to have another down year, if he even considers 2010 a down year. His internal drive separates him from others. I've worked with very few people who go after the game like he does."
I just hope this doesn't mean he wants a seven-year deal now.

- Speaking of Jeter, many people within the game think he will end up back in the Bronx, but they also see a position change in his future.

- Yankees Magazine visited Don Mattingly, who is managing in the Arizona Fall League. You can check out the video on YES.

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