Friday, December 10, 2010

Details on Jeter's New Deal

From Jayson Stark:
If Derek Jeter is going to be a $17 million man in 2014, he's going to need a new trophy case -- because the only way he can earn that salary is to collect a lot of trophies over the next three years.


Jeter is guaranteed salaries of $15 million next year, $16 million in 2012 and $17 million in 2013, with $2 million of that money deferred without interest in each of those seasons.
He then goes on to explain the creative 2014 player option:
The player option for 2014 starts at $8 million. It then can go up by:

• $4 million if he wins an MVP award in 2012, '13 or '14.
• $2 million if he finishes second through sixth in any of those years.
• $1.5 million if he wins a Silver Slugger in any of those years.
• $500,000 if he wins a Gold Glove in any of those years.
• $500,0000 if he wins an LCS MVP award in any of those years.
• $500,000 if he wins a World Series MVP award in any of those years.

There is no limit to how many times he can earn any of those escalator payouts. However, the most he can get paid in 2014 is $17 million, meaning he can earn no more than $9 million in increases. If the option is picked up for any amount less than $17 million, he can also earn any of those amounts in 2014 -- up to a max of $17 million earned.
There is also the $3 million buyout if they option isn't picked up.

What are your early predictions? How much will Derek Jeter make in 2014?

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