Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is Carl Crawford in the Cards?

(Updated: 12:47 PM) It is now being reported that the Brian Cashman had a long meeting with Crawford's representatives last night.

I am admittedly unsure as to how often these sorts of meetings happen - for all I know, the Yankees and other teams may spend a fair share of time deliberating the bigger names on the market. After all, that's sort of the purpose of the Winter Meetings. That being said, the Yankees have been linked to Crawford more and more over the past week or so ... and it wouldn't be shocking to see the front office "retaliate" against the Gonzalez trade by making such a deal.

The Lee news is somewhat disconcerting, but it isn't anything new, as the Yankees have been loath to go beyond a five or six year deal thus far.

With news that Andy Pettitte was all but certain to retire leaking some three weeks after the statements were initially made, I find myself wondering if this has been the Yankees plan all along. Should both Lee and Crawford be signed, I would expect Swisher or Gardner to be moved for another starter, though I don't know that the team has anyone in particular in mind - Greinke's cost would remain too high, in my mind, though Tim Hudson (who is likely available for outfield help) is an interesting option - particularly given the Yankees potential outfield surplus.

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