Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mo Talks About Re-Signing

From Anthony McCarron:
Rivera said he was delighted with the deal yesterday after he signed autographs at Last Licks ice cream parlor in Rye Brook. “Of course,” Rivera said. “I wanted it to go smooth and that’s exactly what happened. I met with Cash (GM Brian Cashman), we talked a little bit and a few hours later, it was done.”

Rivera said it might be his last contract, even bringing up the possibility himself. But he didn’t commit, either. “I wanted two years,” he said. “That will be fine. I think maybe that might be the last two years.”

Then he grinned and said, “Maybe. I don’t know…But I’m glad that everything went fine and that everything got done.”

The Red Sox sniffed around, though it’s not clear how serious their interest really was. “They talked to Fern (Cuza, Rivera’s agent),” Rivera said. “They were interested. I really appreciate that. I know there was interest and I respect that. I respect the organization and the front office of the Red Sox.

“It was respect,” he added. “The rivalry we have against each other and the tremendous organization. Just take it in consideration and the Yankees did what they were supposed to do and that’s the end of that.”

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