Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sky is Not Falling

The Red Sox did what they HAD to do to compete. Like the Yanks did in the winter of '08. The Phillies swooped in and corrected last year's mistake. Apparently Lee did not want to be a Yankee. Contrary to what the radio meatheads are saying GMS III would not have made a difference unless he gave him an idiotic 9-10 year contract.

The Yanks have not had a bad off-season. Let me repeat, the Yanks have not had a bad off-season. They haven't had a great one either - clearly dragged DJ through public mud when none was warranted or necessary. However, they've done some little things right - getting Jeter & Mo re-signed & getting Russell Martin. Martin may end up with a great bounceback year if he's healthy and he serves 3 other purposes: (1)Gives Cashman flexibility if he entertains Montero trade offers (something I think he should resist but we have great prospect depth at Catcher); (2) The Red Sox wanted him and are weak at Catcher & (3) Allows Montero to ease into the job and provides a second teacher for him. If Montero shines, Martin can be trade bait. If he struggles, Martin is there while Montero adjusts.

They also don't seem to be panicking and signing or trading for mediocrity (e.g., Pavano, Jaret Wright (Wrong), etc from years past). We are deep in pitching prospects and it's time to see if the increased attention to the draft and the farms, especially pitching and catching, the last 5 years has paid off. The Giants won the World Series and the Rangers made the World Series based upon excellent pick-ups IN-SEASON. As constituted, the Yanks are still a play-off team. The dreaded Sox and Rays probably flipped positions on paper. Think how sweet it will be when we win in 2011 on the back of young homegrown talent.

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