Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yanks Won't Increase Offer For Lee

Brian Cashman told George King today that the Yankees will not increase their offer for the left-hander.
No more years. No more dollars.

If Cliff Lee is waiting for the Yankees to up their offer before deciding between The Bronx and Texas, the saga is going to continue.

GM Brian Cashman has spoken to agent Darek Braunecker since Thursday when The Post revealed the Yankees’ three separate offers to the 32-year-old lefty free agent.

The longest one is for seven years and believed to be in the $160 million range.

Asked if during those post-Winter Meeting talks if the Yankees increased their offer to Lee in years or dollars, Cashman said, “No.’’

With Lee deciding between the Rangers and Yankees, Cashman was asked if at some point the Yankees would up their offer.

“No,’’ said Cashman, who spent his time waiting for Lee’s decision Christmas shopping in Connecticut.

There is also this report from Buster Olney, who says a "Yankees official" believes the Yankees have a 50-50 shot of landing Lee.
The Yankees think it's far from a slam dunk that they'll sign Cliff Lee. One of their executives told a general manager from another team that he figures their chances stand at 50-50 -- and if they lose out, they'll probably pursue bullpen and bench help. The odds are that they won't pursue Greinke because of concern about how he would adapt to the New York market.

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