Friday, January 7, 2011

Is this the real reason Pettitte may retire?

This article comes from Bob Klapisch, who wondered how the upcoming Roger Clemens trial may have impacted Pettitte's decision to return or retire.

One theory circulating at Yankee Stadium is that Pettitte is spooked by none other than Roger Clemens. Knowing he’s going to be the government’s star witness this summer might be enough to force Pettitte into hiding – especially if Clemens decides he’s going to take his former buddy down with him.

The trial, which is set to begin in July, figures to be a doozy. Unless The Rocket has a change of heart (or tactics), he’s going to swear he never used HGH or steroids. Those who’ve testified otherwise, including Brian McNamee and Pettitte, will be cast as witnesses with bad memories or are just flat-out lying.

Pettitte, however, gave Congress a sworn deposition, during which he said Clemens talked to him about using HGH in 1999, at The Rocket’s home in Houston.

Clemens says Pettitte “mis-remembered” that conversation. Therein lies his defense strategy: for Clemens to prevail, he’ll have to destroy Pettitte’s credibility. One person who’s known the left-hander for many years said: “You think that’s not weighing on Andy’s mind? Who knows what Clemens is going to dig up?”

Indeed, the dual burden of facing Clemens in court and then taking the mound in the Bronx might be too much for Pettitte. After 16 years, he might be thinking there’s no reason to fight two wars, not this late in his career, not at this point in his life.

Like Klapisch said, they're going to have to "destroy Pettitte's credibility", and it's not going to be pretty. Anything Andy's done throughout his career that doesn't fit the mold that Andy Pettitte represents in public will come out in court, and all thanks to his good pal Roger.

I can't blame Andy for getting spooked. Knowing that potential nightmare was only a few months away would probably drive me into hiding, too.

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