Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Late Night News & Notes: Cashman, Bonderman, Soriano, Jeter

I got completely wrapped up in the Knicks-Spurs game (Nice win!) and missed a few stories, so here's a summary:

- Jon Paul Morosi reported that the Yankees are interested in Detroit's Jeremy Bonderman. The 28-year-old went 8-10 with a 5.53 ERA in 30 games for the Tigers last year.

- According to Jon Heyman, the Yankees will likely go after Rafael Soriano if Andy Pettitte retires. Why not sign Soriano anyway? Is the bullpen only important without Pettitte?

- Pete Caldera tweets that Kevin Long will work with Derek Jeter prior to Spring Training begins. Does he have a time machine? 

And finally, here are some quotes about the Yankees plans from Brain Cashman via Bryan Hoch:
"Obviously, I'm looking at what's out there," Cashman said. "There's not much. I'm monitoring what the necessary requests are, financially or player wise. If some drop, then maybe we'll get a little more serious."
"We've got a lot of time left on the clock. Who knows?" Cashman said. "The bottom line is, there's a reason we haven't done anything up to this point."

"I'm working at it, but in terms of getting results, that's why Plan B is patience," Cashman said. "You're seeing it."
"It's about doing what's right. I've dealt with saber-rattling before. I'll stick with what I believe in. I'm not going to jump into something stupid."

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