Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Place (on Twitter) For All Your NYC Ticket Info

I wanted to pass along this cool (and more importantly, useful) Twitter feed along to you guys. It comes from the folks at TiqIQ and is called TiqFeed NYC (@TiqFeed_NYC).

If you don't know, TiqIQ is company that aggregates tickets listings from some of the top ticket brokers in the country and makes those tickets available to fans all in one place. Besides providing the tickets themselves, they also use their "IQ" system to rank each ticket so that the buyer can see just how good (or bad) a deal they're getting. It really makes things very easy for the buyer.

They've partnered with many blogs and websites (You may have noticed the widget on the right or the posts on RAB) and now they've started a new Twitter feed called TiqFeedNYC and tweet out ticket info and deals from around the net for all NY sports teams. There's lots of good info coming out of the feed and if you attend sporting events in the NY area I suggest following these guys.

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