Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gary Sanchez Doing Well After Heart Surgery

Heart surgery?!

As per George King:
After undergoing heart surgery this week at a New York hospital, Yankees prospect Gary Sanchez has been cleared to resume workouts Monday.

During a recent EKG, the 18-year-old catcher was found to have an extra nerve in his heart from birth. Surgery was performed to cauterize the nerve.

General manager Brian Cashman said Thursday that Sanchez was OK.

"Trust me, there are no worries now about Gary Sanchez," Cashman said.
This seems to be something of a ho-hum treatment of a fairly serious procedure, as there are always quite a few risks with heart surgery - but if Sanchez has been cleared to play, I suppose there's nothing to worry about. Here's hoping this is the last time that Sanchez and his family have to worry about any heart issues.

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