Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jeter & CC Like the Melo Deal

I know this isn't really Yankees news, but right now there is no bigger story than Melo-to the-Knicks.

Via ESPN New York:
"The Knicks made a good trade," said Jeter. "Carmelo is going to help them out. Everyone in New York is excited about it."

Jeter did it to try and break the ice. He then essentially laughed off Hank's comments.

Meanwhile, CC Sabathia, said he likes the trade, too. CC, who sits courtside often at Knicks' games, said he didn't want to give up Landry Fields. He was fine trading the rest of the crew.
I'm a Knicks fan, so I'm happy about the deal. They gave up too much and it's Dolan's fault, but they got their second star.

Any Knicks and/or NBA fans out there? Let me know how you feel about the trade.

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