Tuesday, February 15, 2011

O'Connor: You Can Bank on CC Opting Out

From Ian O'Connor:

Sabathia is more likely to throw a pitch right-handed this year than he is to let his opt-out clause expire like a carton of milk.
Assuming he keeps up his New York Yankees average of 20 victories a pop, Sabathia either will vacate his $161 million deal and become a free agent, or will use his clause like a hammer to, you know, hammer out a contract extension that will take him through the construction of the next new ballpark in the Bronx.


Why? Sabathia is a businessman, that's why. Just like the rest of us, he tries to get the best employment deal he possibly can get for himself and his family, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Asked in Tampa, Fla., whether he would become a free agent at season's end, Sabathia told reporters, "I have no idea. It is still in my contract. Anything is possible."

Anything is possible? Last year, Sabathia did not include an opt-out within the realm of possibility.
I have to agree with O'Connor. When there's an opt-out clause, and the player is still performing at the top of his game, he and his agent will always go for more money while they can. It's just the nature of the beast.

But in the end this won't lead to CC wearing any other uniform in the future. The Yankees will hand over whatever they have to to make sure that doesn't happen, and with the pitching staff full of question marks they'd be fools to let the big fella walk away.

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