Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two of the Killer B's to Start Season in Trenton

From Mark Feinsand:
The Yankees are looking all over camp for arms to fill the final two spots in the rotation, but two of those arms are already out of the mix.

Brian Cashman told me today that neither Dellin Betances nor Manny Banuelos have a shot to make the Yankees’ rotation, as both are ticketed for Double-A Trenton when the season opens.

"Betances and Banuelos aren't earning spots in the rotation out of spring training," Cashman said. "They’re going to get their first taste of big-league camp, then they’re going to get slotted into Trenton. They have no chance to make this team."


"The other guys are all competing for anything," Cashman said. "They’re more advanced, they have more experience and they’re in a better position. Betances and Banuelos may help us down the line, but they’re not coming to camp here to help us now or solve any problems. They’re not advanced enough to be in a position to do that."
While some fans may be upset at the fact that these guys don't even have a chance to make the team, this is the smart move by the Yanks.

Despite their need of a starter (or two) they shouldn't rush these guys along. Let these guys develop properly and hope some of the garbage signed over the offseason can fill the void. If the Yankees are still searching for a starter in June or July and someone in the minors is having a monster year, then we can restart this discussion.

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