Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wake Forest Coach Donates Kidney to Kevin Jordan

A bit of background - Kevin Jordan was drafted by the Yankees in the 19th round of this past year's amateur draft, and I was sad to hear that he chose to attend Wake Forest instead of signing with the team (though I respected the decision). The son of former Major Leaguer Brian Jordan, Kevin is a five-tool prospect with a ton of upside, and many scouts surmised that he would have been drafted in the first couple of rounds had his college commitment been less solid - perhaps even more so had there not been questions about his health.

Last January, Jordan was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease known as ANCA vasculitis. He was forced to take upwards of thirty-five prescription pills a day and underwent a daily dialysis regime, and his life hung in the balance this winter. Yesterday, Wake Forest baseball coach Tom Walter donated a kidney to help save Jordan's life.

I recommend that you read the article in its entirety here, as there is simply no way that I could do it justice through paraphrasing. It's a wonderful story, to say the least, and I commend both Walter (for his willingness to help a young man that he hardly knows) and Jordan (for his motivation and determination). Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and good health for both, as well.

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