Friday, February 18, 2011

Yankees Unlikely to Bring Back Christian Garcia

As per Chad Jennings:
Once a highly touted pitching prospect in the Yankees system, right-hander Christian Garcia was released last season after a series of injuries derailed his promising career. The Yankees are aware that Garcia, 25, has been working out and plans to throw for scouts, but I was told today that the Yankees have no plans of bringing Garcia back to the organization.
The story of Christian Garcia serves as a cautionary tale for all pitching prospects. Garcia profiled as a potential number two starter, with a plus curveball, an above average fastball, and an average change-up, and good command with all three pitches. He performed well at every level, in between injuries and rehab, and it always seemed like he would turn the corner when healthy. Sadly, it appears that Garcia's health is more of an 'if' then a 'when,' on the heels of two Tommy John surgeries and two additional arthroscopic procedures in a four-year period.

I would like to see Garcia receive another shot, if only as organizational filler - I'm a sucker for high-end prospects ... even post-hype prospects. Regardless, it seems likely that this is a sad end to an intriguing story - albeit far from unexpected.

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