Monday, March 21, 2011

Heyman: Yankees may have some interest in Oliver Perez

If Bartolo Colon and Mark Prior are worth a token minor league deal, then I think one would be hard-pressed to argue against offering a minor league deal to Perez. He's been nothing short of awful over the last two seasons and only has two good seasons under his belt ... but he also seems to be the sort of player for which the term "change of scenery" was coined. That Cashman isn't "enthused" doesn't mean too much to me, as he's not in a position to be terribly picky (particularly as Garcia has an opt-out clause through Opening Day) and has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for months now. At the very least, he could be given a shot as a lefty mop-up guy waiting in the wings.

I take that back. At the very least, it would be hilarious to see him provide even some semblance of replacement-level value while cashing $12 MM in paychecks from the Mets.

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