Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Back.......

Yes, like Brett Favre did, and, well, did again, and again, I am coming back. I'm hoping it can be permanent this time, or at least like it was in 2009. Some called me the reason the Yankees had that great season and won #27. After all, I was, at Game 6.

All jokes aside, I'm hoping to start contributing to the blog more often. It's really blown up in popularity while I've been, well, spectating, and I congratulate Greg, Robert, and everyone else for the great success.

I'm going to be making my picks for 2011, maybe do a couple game summaries (please Greg?), and, god willing, do some postseason work like I did in 2009.

It's great to be back. And I'm looking foward to talking to all of you guys, very soon.

- YB

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