Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mark Newman on the Back-Up Catcher Dilemma

A tip of the hat to NoMaas:
With Cervelli out with a broken foot for who knows how long, everybody's wondering if the Yankees will start the season with The Next Big Thing, Jesus Montero, as backup catcher. So, we went straight to the source and asked minor league head honcho and friend of NoMaas, Mark Newman. Here's what he told us on Tuesday:

"No decision has been made. At-bats are an issue for Montero, but so are innings caught. It depends on how much he plays when discussing the effect on his development."
I share Newman's sentiment. It seems unlikely that Montero would gain much of anything from garnering inconsistent at-bats and defensive reps, particularly when he has a fair bit of work to do behind the plate. I suppose he could benefit from working regularly with Joe Girardi, Tony Pena, and Jorge Posada, but I'm uncertain that any amount of one-on-one work can replace in-game experience.

Should Martin's health become an issue, however, I would hope to see Montero wearing the tools of ignorance for the Yankees ahead of both Cervelli and Posada.

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