Sunday, March 13, 2011

Report: Yanks Scouting Carlos Silva

From Bruce Levine:
Chicago Cubs right-hander Carlos Silva has been pitching for a rotation spot with the Northsiders, but his spring outings also appear to be an audition for other teams in need of starting pitching.

During Saturday's 7-6 split-squad loss to the Cincinnati Reds, numerous scouts, including three from the Washington Nationals, saw Silva's best performance of the spring. The 31-year-old veteran threw five decent innings, giving up four runs on five hits.

In addition to the Nationals, the New York Yankees are following all of Silva's outings, according to major league sources. Both teams need to fortify their rotations. The Yankees could easily absorb most of Silva's $12 million salary for 2011 if they like what they see from the veteran pitcher the rest of the spring.
$12 million for a guy who posted a 6.46 ERA in his last full season in the AL?

No thanks.

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