Monday, April 25, 2011

Hughes Heading to the Doctor

As per Chad Jennings:
Phil Hughes’ bullpen did not go well this afternoon. He’ll now see a doctor to make sure there’s nothing physically wrong.

“Not good,” Joe Girardi said. “It just didn’t bounce back like we thought it would.”

Hughes had to cut the session short. He said it felt the same as his first fee starts when there just wasn’t much behind his pitches. Like “there was nothing there” according to Girardi.

“Every step we had taken had been positive up to this point,” Girardi said.

Hughes once again indicated there was no pain, just a lifeless feeling.
I will reiterate once more that I am far from thrilled with the Yankees handling of Hughes' issues thus far, and I cannot help but be greatly disconcerted by the comparable circumstances in recent memory. That being said ... there's not too much for me to add otherwise.

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