Monday, April 25, 2011

Yanks Boiling Over Martin Beaning

From John Harper:
From the outside looking in, it's hard not to think the Orioles are trying to do something, anything, to make the Yankees recognize their day is coming when they won't be a punching bag anymore.

Even if that means drilling Russell Martin right between the shoulder blades Saturday night.

It may only be a perception, the idea of Buck Showalter sticking his chin out from the Orioles' dugout, telling his team it's time to stop being afraid of the bully, but right now it's one that has the Yankees boiling mad.

Joe Girardi could barely control his emotions after the Yankees' 15-3 victory Saturday night, he was so enraged at Martin being plunked by Josh Rupe in the ninth inning, in what appeared to be a response to Martin's two home runs.

"Right at his head," Girardi said, referring to the general area of the pitch from Rupe. "Right at his head."

Martin himself said he had no doubt it was intentional, and so you have to believe the Yankees will retaliate, perhaps as early as today. They had a free shot in the ninth inning Saturday night, since the home plate umpire issued no warning after Martin was hit, but maybe the timing was wrong with Buddy Carlyle, just up from the minors, coming in to finish for CC Sabathia.


"Buck said it wasn't intentional," I said to Jeter.

"Of course he did," Jeter said sarcastically. And he kept walking.
Regardless of how much the O's want to deny things, it makes sense that they would try to send a message. At the time, they were already 0-2 against the Yanks--soon to be 0-3--and back in their usually spot in the AL East cellar, so I guess they felt they had to do something.

I'm surprised nothing happened yesterday, but either way, the next time Matt Wieters comes to the plate against the Yanks I won't be surprised if he ended up on first with a fresh black and blue. The O's shouldn't be surprised either.

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