Friday, April 1, 2011

YES Networks Deal With DIRECTV Ends Today

If you watched the game yesterday, I'm sure you noticing one of the many commercials about this. If not, here is some info from Direct TV:
You may have heard that our current contract with YES Network expires April 1. We wanted you to know that DIRECTV is still negotiating with YES Network. Their threats to take down the channel are nothing more than gamesmanship to try and gain leverage in the talks. Obviously their goal is to get DIRECTV customers to pay as much as possible for their network, so these are the games that they play in negotiations. This will get resolved if YES agrees that DIRECTV should pay the same amount as the other three dominant TV providers in the market (Comcast, Time Warner & Cablevision). DIRECTV customers should not be forced to pay a penny more for YES Network.

DIRECTV plans to keep the channel up while we conclude these negotiations. However, if the channel should go dark for any reason, make no mistake that it was solely the decision of YES Network to take the channel away from DIRECTV customers.

If YES Network goes dark, MLB Extra Innings and NBA League Pass customers will continue to see Yankees and Nets games but will not have access to the YES Network feed. In most instances DIRECTV will provide the opposing team's feed for these packages. If you receive YES Network as your local RSN unfortunately these games will not be available.
It's time like these that make me happy I have Time Warner.

Good luck to all you DIRECTV subscribers out there, I hope, for your sake, that this gets worked out quickly.

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