Wednesday, May 4, 2011

K-Long on Jeter: "Where are the extra-base hits?"

From Mark Feinsand:
"When you look at the numbers, you say, 'Where are the extra-base hits?'" hitting coach Kevin Long said. "That's probably the one part of this whole thing where you say, 'We can get better there. We need to get a little bit better there.'"

The lack of power has nothing to do with the adjustments Jeter made in recent months, Long said, but rather the way the Yankee captain is using - or not using, in this case - his legs and hips to drive the ball.

"We've got to get into that a little bit more, because that's where it comes from," Long said. "It doesn't come from having quick hands; it comes from driving your legs and your lower half."


Jeter acknowledged Long's theory, although he said he has felt better in recent days.

"I can't change anything that happened in the first month of the season," Jeter said. "Yeah, I didn't swing the bat well. I probably was swinging a lot mainly just on my arms and I wasn't using my legs. I think as of late, I've been using my legs a lot better."
Hopefully Jeter is right, but there's really little evidence to show that. At least not yet. It's not like he's been racking up hits lately - .269/.333/.269 over his last 7, and 3 for his last 9 ABs.

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