Monday, May 16, 2011

Ortiz on Jorge: "They are doing that guy wrong"

Apparently, David Ortiz felt the need to offer up his opinion on the Jorge Posada situation. Here's the story from Roger Rubin:
Red Sox slugger David Ortiz offered all kinds of support for Jorge Posada Saturday night, but the one thing he didn't agree with was his decision to ask out of the lineup. No matter how much Posada has struggled with the transition to DH and no matter the blow to his ego at being dropped to No. 9 hole in the order, "you don't do that," Ortiz said.

"As a DH when you just think about hitting and you're not hitting, it just (stinks)... the confusion, the frustration that you're living will sometimes make you make a mistake," Ortiz said. "You're not perfect. You're human like everyone else. He probably thought it was the right thing to do, but now you see it isn't. It's not easy."

Ortiz said he thought almost every aspect of Posada's difficult season - from his struggle adapting to the DH role to Saturday night's confusing situation - could have been avoided if the Yankees had taken better care of the veteran catcher.

"They are doing that guy wrong. They're doing him wrong," Ortiz said after the Red Sox's 6-0 win. "You know why? He's legendary right there... and from what I heard they told him at the beginning he's not even going to catch in the bullpen. That's straight up. That mixes up your head.

"You're going to tell me Posada can't catch a game out there? Come on, man. And I guarantee you if they throw him out there once in a while, mentally it's going to help him out because then he's not just thinking about hitting."
Not that his opinion really matters, but I completely disagree with his first point. The Yankees haven't treated Posada poorly at all, at least not when it comes to DHing him or batting him 9th. However, his second point isn't a bad one. I don't think starting Posada behind the plate once in a while will hurt the team that much and it could help him at the plate, so I wouldn't be against that. Would you?

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