Monday, May 16, 2011

Quick Updates on Soriano and Hughes

Courtesy of Chad Jennings:
Rafael Soriano said he’s going to throw a bullpen tomorrow, and if that goes well he’ll be available on Wednesday at the earliest. Girardi seemed to indicate that the Yankees might have to make a move if Soriano’s elbow doesn’t improve. “There’s decisions that we have to make,” Girardi said. “Hopefully he’s available to us soon.”
I'm electing to leave my snark at the door here, as bashing Soriano's contract won't do anyone much good - but I'm very concerned about the apparent disconnect between Soriano's optimism and Girardi's, erm, lack thereof. I'm basing this on precisely nothing, but I suspect that there's a deeper issue if Soriano's not back this week.
Phil Hughes threw 45 pitches from 90 feet today, continuing a day-by-day progression of more pitches from more distance. He’ll have Monday off before resuming his program on Tuesday.
I suppose no further injury news is good news in this case - every toss Hughes can make without pain, however short, is a positive.

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