Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slade Heathcott's Turns His Life Around With AA (Then Starts a Brawl)

It was a crazy Friday for the Yankees 1st round pick. It started with this article from Gene Sapakoff about how the Yankees have sent Heathcott to AA and how he's turn his life around. It's a nice story about the kid, who seems to have his life headed in the right direction after. Then last night, after being hit by a pitch during the Charleston-Greenville game, he started a brawl. This isn't a set back or anything like that and doesn't change any of the good he's done to turn his lfe around, it just happened to happen on the same day the article was published. Anyway, first here's some of the article:
The wildest drinking night of Slade Heathcott's senior year started with a party. He blacked out and ended up five miles through the woods and clear across Texarkana. The police found Heathcott a bloody mess with a dangerously deep slash several inches up his right forearm. They whisked him to the emergency room.

"I didn't know what happened until later," Heathcott said. "I went up to a random house and started pounding on the door. Then I punched my arm through a kitchen window. The woman who owned the house said she just bought it from a drug dealer and was really afraid. She would have shot me but said she forgot she had unloaded the gun."


Heathcott hopes to inspire people, particularly kids, through his journey of salvation that began with a church visit in Tampa on April 4, 2010 -- not long after the New York Yankees sent him to an Alcoholics Anonymous program.

"God changed my heart," Heathcott said.
The entire article is worth the read so check it out if you have a chance. And now for the brawl:

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