Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chamberlain likely to undergo Tommy John Surgery

Well. That's fantastic. The sources thus far are WFAN, Mark Feinsand, and Craig Calcaterra. Here's Calcaterra's write-up, which was essentially my thought process as I heard the news:
Bad news came back for Joba Chamberlain a few minutes ago: he has a torn elbow ligament.

Joe Girardi just told the Yankees beat writers that, while a decisions hasn’t been made yet, he believes that Tommy John surgery is likely. That would obviously end Joba’s season. And would kill the majority of next season.

The weird thing is that there wasn’t any warning or any obvious incident of injury here. Until he was shut down yesterday, he had been pitching fine. There was no walk-off-the-mound-holding-his-elbow moment. No unexplained implosion brought on by a sudden loss of velocity. He just got shut off like a switch. Guess that’s just how ligaments roll sometimes.
In general, the timetable for return post-TJS is between ten and eighteen months. The norm, at least in recent years, is between twelve and fourteen months.

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