Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Girardi Not a Fan of Ortiz's Bat Flip

Apparently, Joe Girardi wasn't too please with David Ortiz's bat flip after his fifth inning home run last night (video here). Here's what the skipper said after the game:
“I didn’t really care for it,” Joe Girardi said after the Yanks’ 6-4 loss to Boston. “I don’t know if he was upset that he missed some pitches earlier. You know, I’ve got a young kid [Hector Noesi] on the mound. I didn’t know if [Ortiz] was upset that he came in hard on him.”
Ortiz responded:
“I mean, it’s not my first time, it’s not going to be my last time,” Ortiz said when he was informed of Girardi’s comments. “Big deal. I enjoy the game. It’s not like I do it all the time. It’s part of the excitement, you know? … What can I tell you?”

“if [Girardi] was on this side, he would have enjoyed it.”
There always seems to be a line players aren't supposed to cross when it comes to celebrating a home run. At this point in time, the game and the players within it allow sluggers to pose for SportsCenter and stare at their homers as they leave the yard. Years ago this was a punishable offense. Nowadays you have to take your celebration to the next level to really piss of a team.

So, did Ortiz go passed that line of acceptability last night? I think he did, and obviously, so did Girardi. And between that, losing a fifth straight to Boston, and almost losing your first basement to a knee injury, I can't image this was one of Girardi's better nights.

Who knows what he will do if anything, but if I'm Girardi I know what I'm telling Burnett before tonight's game, and involves a fastball aimed right at David Ortiz's knees.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you feel Ortiz crossed the line with his bat flip?

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