Wednesday, June 29, 2011

High Comedy: Jeter's DL Diary

Earlier this month, Bill Simmons (ESPN's 'Sports Guy'), Chuck Klosterman, and a group of writers launched the sports and pop culture blog Grantland. The writers have covered a wide array of topics, ranging from Led Zeppelin and The Razzies to the Bruins Stanley Cup victory and the NBA Draft - there's really something for most everyone, and I find myself checking-in at least two or three times per day. I highly recommend that all of our readers bookmark it, and I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed.

Yesterday, staff writer and Yankee fan Mark Lisanti posted a faux Derek Jeter diary, chronicling the captain's thoughts while he works his way back to the team. Cameos include Minka Kelly and Bartolo Colon, and there are laughs aplenty - so check it out. Here's a quick excerpt:
June 21

Everyone's talking about who's batting leadoff when I return. Gardy's getting hot, so are they gonna keep him there, put me back first, or whatever. Grandy's having an MVP season, so batting second is probably off the table. I wouldn't want to mess with that. But has anyone ever asked me if I care where I hit? First? Second? Eighth? Ninth? No, they haven't. I wouldn't say no if they asked me to hit at the bottom of the lineup. I'd never say no, have a Jorge Moment. Sure, I might freeze them out a little, and the total withdrawal of my love would cause them incredible, unbearable pain, and they'd probably feel like God suddenly drained all the goodness from the world. But I wouldn't say no. Go ahead, ask me to hit ninth, I'm not going to bite you. But that's not to say maybe there aren't consequences out of my control, mostly.

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