Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Russell Martin Headed For The DL?

From Brian Costello:
A few hours before last night's 1-0 loss to the Indians, Russell Martin sounded optimistic about his aching back.

"It will be fine," the Yankees catcher said. "I can tell. It's something I'll play through."

His tone must have changed because 90 minutes later, the Yankees announced Martin was scratched from the lineup with back stiffness, with Francisco Cervelli taking his place as the starting catcher.

...the Yankees have to be getting concerned with the back problem Martin can't shake, and a trip to the disabled list has to be considered. The 28-year-old had missed four consecutive games with the back problem before returning to the lineup Sunday. He underwent an MRI exam on Thursday that showed no problems.
Costello argues that a few weeks might be the best thing for Martin, who has been struggling. Since May 1st, he's hitting .183/.309/.301 and he's just 2 for his last 31. Long believes the injury is to blame.
"He's been so beat up," Long said. "It's really unfair to judge. He basically busted up his toe twice. He's basically swinging without his legs. Anytime you do that, you get into some funks
If he does land on the DL, it'll be interesting to see what the Yankees do.

Personally I'd like to see Jesus Montero get a shot. Even if he's here for just a few weeks, the experience will help him and he could be a bolt of energy that this team will need to overcome these injuries and catch the red-hot Red Sox.

If not Montero you're looking at Francisco Cervelli and his .191 (and dropping) batting average getting most, if not all of the innings behind the plate. Besides the lack of hitting he's already racked up 5 throwing errors behind the plate-in just 16 games-tying him for 2nd most in all of baseball.

With Cervelli starting everyday, I assume the Yanks might let Posada get a game or two back there as well, but at this point I'm kinda scared to make him start catching again. With the luck this team has had lately it looks like another leg injury in the making.

Anyway, we don't even know if he's going to go on the DL so this could all be pointless. But if he does, what would you like to see the Yankees do?

EDIT: Thank you to SIH reader Liam for reminding me about Gustavo Molina. He is also an option.

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