Friday, June 24, 2011

Montero Benched For Lack of Energy

From Andrew Marchand:
The future of the New York Yankees received a two-game timeout earlier this month because the organization felt his play lacked "energy," according to one club official.

The future of the Yankees has hit just five home runs all season, which is miniscule when compared to the output of Triple-A Scranton teammates -- and borderline prospects -- Jorge Vazquez (20) and Justin Maxwell (16).

The future of the Yankees has thrown out eight of 45 base stealers (.178), which is ninth best in the 14-team International League.

And there are some days and nights in which Jesus Montero's head seems to be a lot of places, but not fully in the minor league ballpark he is playing in.

Montero, 21, is still a lot of great things. He is still one of the best prospects in baseball.'s Keith Law had him at No. 4 in the entire minor leagues. Montero's bat has life, while defense has improved some.

So Montero is still potentially an All-Star major league catcher.

But right now, there is one thing Montero is certainly not: He is not ready to start, let alone star, in the big leagues.

"It is all in becoming a first-rate professional and he is still in the middle of that process," said Mark Newman, the Yankees' senior vice president of baseball operations, who heads up the team's minor leagues.
Disappointing stuff. This also isn't the first time Montero has been benched for this sort of thing. Last may, he was benched for a couple games because of a lack of hustle. It seems to this observer that the kid is bored of the minors and feels like he's ready to make the leap. That said, it's not an excuse for not hustling or having your head in the game. You'd think last year's benching would have woken the kid up, but obviously it didn't.

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