Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yanks Take The Opener 4-2

I'm writing this as the game is still going on. In fact, Mo hasn't even thrown a pitch yet. But it's Mo, so I'm not too concerned about the jinx.

(One out...)

Early RBIs from Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano gave the Yanks a 2-0 lead. Which should have been enough for Freddy Garcia, who was very sharp over seven. But he was hurt by a few errors and ended up allowing two unearned runs on three hits....

(...Two out... Nice play Ramiro!)

That's funny, the two unearned runs Garcia gave up were thanks to two errors by Pena. (He had three on the day.) The two runs also tied the game at 2 in the bottom of the 5th.

But the Yanks didn't wait too long to regain the lead, scoring twice in the 6th on a two-run homer by Jorge Posada.

(....Three out... Ballgame over!)

David Robertson and the aforementioned Mariano Rivera finished off the game with two scoreless innings. The Yanks will now eat and sit around for a while until game two starts tonight @ 7:10 PM.

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