Friday, July 1, 2011

Mitre On His Return To The Bronx

From Matt Ehalt:
"I never wanted to leave here in the first place, I loved it here," said Mitre, who reiterated that he was surprised by the trade. "I went to a good place but I'm happy where I am."


For as well as he had been pitching for Milwaukee, Mitre didn't see himself getting traded.

"That's the one thing that caught me off guard the most, no idea that was a conversation I was going to have when I got called into the office, but it's a business I guess, just a little bit tougher to swallow when there isn't anything you can put your finger on," Mitre said. "Maybe I was missing something, whatever it was. In the past."


"Just starters have their role and other than (David Robertson) and (Mariano Rivera), every one else is mix and match, I guess that's what it looks like," Mitre said. "Whenever I'm called upon or anyone else is called upon, just get outs and give us a chance to win."
Welcome back, Serg.

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