Monday, July 11, 2011

MLB Angry At Jeter For Skipping ASG?

Besides Hal Bodley and Ken Rosenthal, is seems that even MLB is mad at Jeter for skiing the ASG.

Here's more From Mark Feinsand:
"Derek Jeter has done everything right during his whole career," a major-league official said. "He was wrong on this one."

The official said MLB was hoping Jeter would fly out Tuesday, appear on the field during player introductions, tip his cap and then return to New York.

"This could have been a celebration of his 3,000th hit," the official said. "He didn't have to play."

Several players - including a former teammate of Jeter's - disagreed with the Yankee captain's decision to skip the Midsummer Classic.

"I don't think it's my place to speak for others," said Cardinals outfielder Lance Berkman, Jeter's teammate last season. "But for me, personally, if you get selected to be here you have an obligation. You gotta be here. If you can go, you gotta go."

Added crosstown rival Carlos Beltran: "I do believe, as a ballplayer, if you have no injuries, you should be here. The fans are the ones that vote for you and want to see you here."

According to a major-league source, not even Joe Torre could talk Jeter into showing up to the All-Star Game, as the Captain opted to take three days to himself after his emotional week.

Phillies chairman Bill Giles, the honorary president of the National League, was outspoken in his disappointment with Jeter's absence.

"I think it's too bad that Jeter in particular is not here, because of what he accomplished over the weekend," Giles said. "I think it is a bit of a problem and baseball should study it."

Michael Weiner, the executive director of the players association, was shocked to hear Jeter's loyalty to the game being questioned.

"I don't think anybody can seriously question Derek Jeter's commitment to promoting the game and being an ambassador for the game," Weiner said. "He's been as good an ambassador for the game as anybody for the past 16 years. I don't think that's a fair criticism."
The article isn't only critical. There are quotes from Russell Martin, Troy Tulowitzki, Kevin Youkilis and Jose Reyes defended Jeter's decision.

I'm on that side as well.

I may not think Jeter should still lead off, but there's no denying how good he's been for baseball. I think after his years and years of good service he can get away with missing one all-star game.

And that's before you even begin to consider what he's had to deal with lately. Between the doubts about his abilities, his injury, and the chase for 3,000, I can understand why the guy might want a few extra days off. He's earned it.

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