Monday, August 8, 2011

Boston's Dominance Over The Yanks Continues

Another series against the Sox has come to an end, and again the Yankees come up short. This time losing two of three, with CC getting hammered on Saturday and Mo blowing a save in the finale on Sunday. As a Yankees fan you really can't lose two games in a more crushing and demoralizing way. At least they didn't get swept this time, but that really is the only silver lining coming out of this one.

Once again, the Red Sox showed that the best team in the American League is not the one that plays in the Bronx. Boston has now won 10 of the 12 meetings between the two teams this season, and have won those games in every way possible. They've beaten our ace (four times). They've beaten Mo. They've shut down the Yankees bats when they've had to, and they've out-slugged the Yanks when they've had to. They get the big hits, while the Yankees go 0-for-10 with RISP like they did on Sunday.

It's not time to panic or anything, even though it may sound like I am. A game behind in the standings with nearly two months left is nothing to worry about. However, the Yankees did little to show me or any other fan out there that they can beat this Red Sox team. Looking way ahead, that could become pretty important because it's something they will most likely have to do if they're going to reach another Fall Classic.

Oh well, at least the Mets suck.

What are your thoughts on the latest embarrassment at the hands of the Sox?

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