Monday, August 22, 2011

Girardi on Burnett: He's Gotta Pitch Better

From Mark Feinsand:
"There are no locks," Girardi said Sunday of Burnett, who lasted only 1-2/3 innings Saturday against the Twins before storming off the mound while shouting profanities. "You've got to pitch. You've got to perform. It's been a game that's based on performance. You've got to perform."

Asked specifically about Burnett's contract and the perception that he's getting a free pass because of it, Girardi tried to quash that theory.

"The reality is that he needs to pitch better, plain and simple," Girardi said. "We're in a six-man rotation right now because we're forced to be in a six-man rotation, but the reality is that he needs to pitch better."

Burnett will start Friday in Baltimore, as the Yankees will continue with a six-man rotation for another week thanks to Saturday's doubleheader.

"It's a big start for all of our guys," Girardi said. "We need him to bounce back."


"You can look at the numbers and say they're kind of similar to what was going on last year. Is it the same? I don't know," Girardi said. "The bottom line is you've got to right it. Our job as a staff, as a manager, as a player, our job is to get him right. We're going to work at it."
With Hughes suddenly finding his form, Burnett is the obvious odd man out when Gacria comes back. Hopefully, this isn't just talk from Girardi and they do in fact bench Burnett if he doesn't turn things around in his next few starts.

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