Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jesus Cometh..... Tomorrow

From Joel Sherman:
The Yankees were still working through some issues involving who to call up tomorrow when rosters expand on Sept. 1. But there were three players not in dispute: Jesus Montero is going to be promoted while Manuel Banuelos and Dellin Betances will not be, The Post has learned.

The Yanks simply feel that Banuelos and Betances, their top two pitching prospects, have met their objectives this year, which were to progress from Double-A to Triple-A and log enough innings to become factors to pitch in the majors next year. Betances started 24 games and worked 121 innings. Banuelos started 26 times and pitched 128 innings. In the way that the Yanks progress starters, both would be in line to pitch about 160 innings next year, which is a high enough total for them to be major-league considerations.

The Yanks had fiddled with the idea of using one or both out of the major league pen in September to see if they could become factors for the postseason roster, especially the left-handed Banuelos. For now, however, the Yanks had enough concerns — particularly with fastball command — that they did not see the wisdom in trying to transition to the bullpen on the fly two pitchers they remain adamant will pitch at the top of a rotation in the future.....

As for Montero, he is going to get opportunities to play and specifically hit, which is by far his best tool. Jorge Posada’s postseason roster spot remains tenuous enough that Montero could have a big September and make himself viable for October at-bats as a DH. Posada will not be the DH against lefty pitching and the Yanks are currently in line to play the Rangers, who will start at least two lefties against the Yanks.
Nice! I can't wait to see Montero finally get his chance.

As for Banuelos and Betances, I'm glad the Yankees aren't messing with them and turning them into relievers, even if it is just for a few weeks. Both pitchers are still very young and clearly need more work in the minors anyway. There's no use screwing with that for a few innings of relief work.

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