Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jorge Thinks He Can Catch Next Year

Via Wallace Matthews:
"I could catch next year,'' Posada said in the clubhouse before tonight's game with the Kansas City Royals. "I could have (caught) this year. I could have been a backup this year, could have backed somebody up.''


"It’s not easy to do something you’re not used to,'' he said. "But if I'm upset with anyone, I'm upset with myself, just overall. I don’t know what happened this year, I really don’t know. There's some things I could have done differently but I can't pinpoint what they are."
Physically, yes he can probably still catch, but he has been below average defensively for a long time now and I can't imagine a year off will help.

Also, there's no need to wonder what happened this year, he's a 39-year-old, sometimes you just get old.

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