Monday, August 1, 2011

Mid-Summer Returns on Some Former Yankees

Position Players

Lance Berkman - .286/.396/.601, 25 HR, 168 wRC+ (371 PA)

Even with his well below-average glovework, I think a fairly compelling case can be made for Berkman as the NL MVP. Berkman has been the lone constant for a serious playoff contender, raking from Day One while Holliday missed a fair bit of time and Pujols struggled in the first two months. This is of course a somewhat rose-colored view, but he has been one of the ten or so best players in the NL.

Austin Jackson - .249/.316/.363, 4 HR, 90 wRC+ (432 PA)

Jackson's July was marred by an injury ... as well as an uptick in walks and strikeouts. He was only able to muster a .254 BA despite a .372 BABIP, and reports indicate that he simply isn't driving the ball with any regularity.

Juan Miranda - .213/.315/.402, 7 HR, 92 wRC+ (202 PA)

Miranda was outrighted to Triple-A mid-July to make room for the tremendously underrated Brandon Allen ... who was shipped to the A's for Brad Ziegler to make room for prospect Paul Goldschmidt. The Diamondbacks have odd priorities, but Miranda was deservedly on the bottom of the pyramid.

Jose Tabata - .265/.351/.354, 3 HR, 102 wRC+ (297 PA)

A lingering quadriceps injury kept Tabata out for the entirety of July, and his timetable for return has been delayed several times.


Alfredo Aceves - 73.1 IP, 57 H, 27 BB, 43 K, 3.19 ERA, 4.36 FIP

All of his peripherals indicate that his performance to date is a massive fluke ... but he just keeps on chugging along, performing ably for the Red Sox in most every situation.

Phil Coke - 89.0 IP, 101 H, 34 BB, 43 K, 4.85 ERA, 3.89 FIP

Righties are hitting a robust .329/.386/.451 against Coke this season - perhaps the Yankees attempts to leverage him as a LOOGY were for the best.

Michael Dunn - 50.1 IP, 38 H, 28 BB, 57 K, 3.75 ERA, 4.27 FIP

Dunn discovered some semblance of control in July, walking only 3 batters in 13 IP. He also saw a big dip in his strikeout rate, striking out "only" 11 - but he'll be a much better pitcher if he can avoid free passes.

Ian Kennedy - 148.1 IP, 126 H, 40 BB, 127 K, 3.22 ERA, 3.46 FIP

Kennedy's been remarkably consistent this season, having yet to post a real outlier (at least in terms of ERA, FIP, K/BB). While I wouldn't undo the deal, it will always sting a bit to see Kennedy thrive, regardless of how well Granderson performs.

Dustin Moseley - 120.0 IP, 117 H, 36 BB, 64 K, 3.30 ERA, 3.96 FIP

That Moseley's numbers look quite good aren't surprising, considering the shift to the NL West and Petco. I am surprised, however, that he doesn't have any discernible home/road splits - he's been effective everywhere. He was placed on the DL yesterday, for what it's worth.

Javier Vazquez - 114.2 IP, 129 H, 40 BB, 86 K, 5.10 ERA, 4.36 FIP

Since May 15, when his ERA sat at a tidy 7.55, Vazquez has pitched to the tune of 75.1 IP, 78 H, 16 BB, 66 K, and a 3.86 ERA. If only it hadn't taken him a year and a month ... and a new team to sort out his issues.

Kerry Wood - 33.0 IP, 29 H, 18 BB, 29 K, 3.27 ERA, 4.12 FIP

9 IP. 6 H. 8 BB. 8 K. 6.00 ERA. Not the best month for Wood, who has struggled with injuries and illness since the calendar turned to June.


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