Sunday, August 21, 2011

A-Rod Will Be Back Today

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From Mark Feinsand:
The Yankees' offense has excelled without Alex Rodriguez for some time. Sunday, that offense will see what it can do with the three-time MVP back in the cleanup spot.


"Hopefully this will be the last day of workouts and we'll be ready to strap it on," Rodriguez said. "My mouth is getting watery here; I'm ready to play. I've watched enough baseball."

Rodriguez did drills at third base, took batting practice and ran the bases at full speed Saturday, finally feeling as though his conditioning was at its peak.

"We've checked every box pretty much," A-Rod said. "The last three days have progressively gotten better. I'm not as winded after going first-to-third or first-to-home. I'm pretty much ready to go."


"I thought he was moving well," Girardi said. "I thought he swung the bat well. I thought he moved in the field well. We had him run the bases some. He answered all the questions. Let's see how he bounces back. It's very possible he'll be a player for us tomorrow."
George King's article also had this quote from Girardi:
"The only way I wouldn't play him is if he says, 'I don't feel good,' "
The offense has done fine without him, but it will be nice to have him back. Obviously.

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