Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 Postseason Predictions

October, it's here (well, tomorrow it will be). There's that chill in the air, and that feeling in your bones that every Yankee fan loves and every Met fan envies. I'm just going to cut to the chase, here are the SIH Staff predictions for this years' postseason.


Rangers vs Rays
JoeNYy: Rangers in 4
Yankeeboy98: Rangers in 4
Domenic: Rays in 5
Greg: Rays in 5

Yankees vs Tigers
JoeNYy: Yankees in 5
Yankeeboy98: Yankees in 5
Domenic: Tigers in 5
Greg: Tigers in 5

Phillies vs Cardinals
JoeNYy: Phillies in 3
Yankeeboy98: Phillies in 4
Domenic: Phillies in 3
Greg: Phillies in 4

Brewers vs Diamondbacks
JoeNYy: Brewers in 4
Yankeeboy98: Brewers in 4
Domenic: Brewers in 4
Greg: Brewers in 4

JoeNYy: Yankees over Rangers in 6
Yankeeboy98: Yankees over Rangers in 7
Domenic: Rays over Tigers in 7
Greg: Tigers over Rays in 7

JoeNYy: Phillies over Brewers in 5
Yankeeboy98: Phillies over Brewers in 6
Domenic: Phillies over Brewers in 6
Greg: Phillies over Brewers in 5

2011 World Series:
JoeNYy: Yankees over Phillies in 7
Yankeeboy98: Yankees over Phillies in 7
Domenic: Phillies over Rays in 6
Greg: Phillies over Tigers in 6


Hey, I might be a tad biased here, but I'm a fan, I'm supposed to be. Let's just root for our Yanks, hope for the best, and enjoy the ride.

"It's gunna be a battle, it's gunna be fun, it's gunna be loud, it's gunna be exciting, and I'm ready."- Nick Swisher

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