Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Brief Note on Cashman and the Deadline(s)

As of midnight, a team can no longer acquire a player from another organization and utilize him on its postseason roster. The Yankees seemingly year long quest for an additional lefty continued, yet proved fruitless - though, it should be noted that the Rangers, the likely ALDS match-up for the Yankees, acquired lefty Mike Gonzalez to bolster their already strong bullpen. While Gonzalez may not have been available to the Yankees, such a move represents yet another lost opportunity resulting in a rival improving its lot.

I am not going to argue that Cashman should have made a trade for the sake of making a trade. I don't believe that that is reasonable. I'm not going to suggest that Bedard or Adams or Uehara or Gonzalez could have been had with ease. That's simply something that we do not know. What I will say, however, is that this team has very real holes and it did not appear that the Yankees were ever really in the running for the sort of players that could fill said holes.

Many have stated that the Yankees results thus far provide ample reason for Cashman to sit on his hands as both deadlines came and went. After all, they said, the offense and pitching are in the top-five in several categories - how could they improve? To this, I won't reply in hindsight - most every fan recognizes the issues with counting on miracles with respect to the current rotation.

Rather, I will conclude with a short, simple point. The Rangers, Red Sox, Phillies, and Braves maintain fairly comfortable leads in their respective quests for the postseason - that didn't stop them from improving their rosters significantly.

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