Sunday, September 4, 2011

OK, Forget About That Rotation Decision

Apparently Joe Girardi wasn't telling the truth when he said a rotation decision would be made today. That's because after the game, Girardi said that the decision would be postponed.

Apparently he liked what he saw out of Hughes and AJ in Boston and is going to stick with a six-man staff for at least one more time through the rotation. Girardi also said that he spoke to the players today and that helped postpone his decision.

Here are a couple quotes from Girardi via Jon Lane:
“We liked what we saw from our guys in Boston,” Girardi said. “We thought Hughes threw the ball better than the numbers indicated. We liked what A.J. did and I want to see him build on that, another time through with the different mechanics and see what happens. There’s no rush to make this decision.”


“I’m real curious. I love what I saw from A.J. in Boston,” Girardi said. “What makes it more incredible to me is here’s a guy fighting for his spot. There was discussion about how he might come out of the rotation and he had a tough August. [He decided] you know what? I’m going to try new mechanics for the first time against the Red Sox. That takes a lot of guts.”

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