Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yanks To Face Tigers in ALDS

The Rangers beat the Angels tonight, so that means the Yankees will be facing off against Justin Verlander and the Tigers in the ALDS. Tampa will face the Rangers, and the Red Sox will go home for the winter thanks to Papelbon's blown save. Way to blow a 9-game lead, Boston. Nicely done.

In the NL, the Braves completely their choke job, falling to Philly in extra-innings. That means the Cardinals are the 2011 NL Wild Card winners. They face those Phillies in the NLDS with the DBacks taking on the Brewers in the other bracket.

Back to the Yankees: According to Joe Girardi, Freddy Garcia will pitch in game three of the series, and as you know CC and Nova will go in games 1 and 2. CC will pitch games 1 and 4, Nova will pitch games 2 and 5. A.J. Burnett will be on the roster, but will be in the bullpen. Here's the schedule:
  • 9/30: Gm 1 @ NYY - First pitch: 8:37 PM
  • 10/1: Gm 2 @ NYY - First pitch: TBD
  • 10/3: Gm 3 @ DET  - First pitch: TBD
  • 10/4: Gm 4* @ DET - First pitch: TBD
  • 10/6: Gm 5* @ NYY - First pitch: TBD
           All games are on TBS

Sorry to be my usual pessimistic self, but facing a team with Verlander scares me, especially with the way CC has thrown the ball over the last month or so. Doug Fister has also been a beast down the stretch.

Anyway, it's late and I need to relax after that crazy night of baseball, but what are your thoughts on the Yankees-Tigers matchup?

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