Friday, October 7, 2011

And That's That

Talk about a game of missed opportunities. All they needed was one big hit and they'd be preparing for the ALCS right now, but sadly, that hit just never came. Instead they fell 3-2 to the Tigers and now face another long winter.

I've seen and heard many complaints over the last few hours, many of which are warranted, but in the end this was a game where the Yanks clearly beat themselves, squandering chance after chances and ultimately coming up just one run short. Here is a great breakdown of their lack of clutch hitting tonight via friend of the blog SteveB:
Inning 2-
Teixeira hits a double with one out.
Swisher hits a grounder to SS (ahead of the runner) for an out and no advance.
Posada called out on strikes.

Inning 3-
Granderson walks, putting runners on first & second, two out.
In a long at-bat, Cano flies out to CF.

Inning 4-
Posada singles to load up the bases, one out.
Martin pops out to 1B, Gardner pops out to 3B.

Inning 7-
Cano singles to load the bases, one out.
Arod strikes out swinging.
Teixeira manages a walk to score one run.
Swisher strikes out swinging.

2-for-9 with RISP, 11 men left of base, and from a team that wasn't that great in the clutch all year I can't say I'm surprise. It's terribly disappointing, but not a surprise at all.

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