Friday, October 21, 2011

Matthews: Yanks Will Likely Pick Up Swish's Option

From Wallace Matthews:
Despite another post-season flameout, the Yankees are likely to pick up the $10.25 million on right-fielder Nick Swisher although not until the very last minute, which is three days after the conclusion of the World Series. That means as early as next Wednesday if the St. Louis Cardinals sweep, or as late as October 30 if the series goes the distance. The Yankees appear willing to forgive Swisher another awful October -- he batted .211 with one HR and one RBI in the ALDS against Detroit -- in exchange for his regular-season production, which after a terrible start rebounded to produce fairly typical Swisher numbers: .260-23-85 and a .374 OBP.
I think this is the smart move. Swish, during the regular season, has been solid and I'd have no issues with him holding down right for another year. No reason to get locked in to a long term deal with someone else, especially with Matt Kemp hitting the FA market after next season.

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