Monday, November 14, 2011

A-Rod: "I expect to be who I have been in the past.”

Third-basemen Alex Rodriguez told the New York Post a couple days ago that the Yankees have already made two HUGE acquisitions: 1) re-singing CC, and 2) re-acquiring Alex Rodriguez.

I know what you're thinking - "re-acquire" A-Rod? Isn't he already on the team? Well that's basically what he told Joel Sherman.
“The Yankees made two big moves this offseason,” Rodriguez told The Post by phone. “Keeping CC, and I expect to be who I have been in the past.”

That is Rodriguez’s way of saying the Yankees are going to reacquire A-Rod, and not the 2011 version, which even Rodriguez could not sugarcoat much, calling it “close to embarrassing” and “the worst year of my career.”

No, Rodriguez is imagining being the 30-homer/100-RBI automaton he was the previous 14 seasons. He expects to be a cleanup hitter because he should be, not due to emeritus status. He envisions being a reason why the Yankees push forward in October and not — like in 2011 — a reason they do not.

“I know Yankees fans were disappointed last year, but [they] won’t be next year,” Rodriguez said.
Sherman goes on to say that A-Rod began his off-season workouts three-weeks earlier, and plans to lose at least five pounds. And who knows? Maybe age is just a number, and A-Rod can be, well, A-Rod again. Good luck Alex, we'll see where you're at come February.

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