Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mo's Final Season?

Obviously it's nothing official or definitive, however, it definitely sounds like this could be it for Mo. Here's more from Mark Feinsand and John Harper:
Is the Sandman ready to call it a night?

Mariano Rivera wasn’t prepared to make an official retirement announcement on Monday, but the legendary Yankee closer strongly hinted that 2012 would be the final season of his Hall of Fame career.

“I definitely know what I’m going to do,” Rivera said of his plans beyond 2012. “I won’t let you know now, but I know."

Rivera called his decision “irrevocable” and said his performance this season — good or bad — won’t affect his future.

“It doesn’t depend on how I’m going to pitch,” Rivera said. “I always want to do my job, but I’ve made my decision already. Even if I save 90 games, even if they want to pay as much money as they want to — any team.”

Rivera said he made his decision two or three weeks ago, informing his family, though he hasn’t told the Yankees yet.

“They will be second,” he said.


“Decisions like that are always hard,” Rivera said. “They involve what you do and what you have done for 22 years. Decisions like that are always hard, difficult, but at the same time, they have to be made.

“This one is different,” Rivera added. “This one is my decision. When I let you guys know what it is, you guys will know.”
Sounds like he's decided to retire, doesn't it?

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